We’re at SfN (San Diego, Nov. 12 – 16, 2016)

We’re at SfN 2016, San Diego – Saturday November 12 – Wednesday November, 2016.


Green Neuro talk, event & poster times:

Saturday Nov. 12, 2016, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

  • Nanosymposium session: 016/ SDCC 2
    Talk at: 2:15 – 2:30 PM
    E.L. Ohayon, A. Lam
    Atomic neuroscience, information processing and a candidate nexus for consciousness
  • Poster location: 22.10SA/ MMM32
    P.W. Tsang, M. Ikram, A. Lam, E. L. Ohayon
    A new curriculum for green and open neuroscience

Monday Nov. 14, 2016, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

  • Poster location: 410.12
    The use of human-based methods to undertake new strategies for Alzheimer’s disease research and define “pathways of disease”
    A.Lam, F. Pistollato, E.L. Ohayon

Tuesday Nov. 15, 2016, 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

  • Poster location: 495.13/ E19
    F.Y. Li, A.R. Muotri, E.L. Ohayon, A. Lam
    Development of an online toolkit for xeno-free stem cell research.

For more information, please contact us at: info@greenneuro.org

NYT Article on GN (Jan 6, 2015)

Well, it’s finally out. The New York Times is running a story on the Green Neuro Lab today that covers some of our research and aims:


The response so far has been amazing. Within the first hour we started getting emails from students and neuroscientists from all over the world that want to see change. It’s very encouraging. Thanks for all the emails and calls. We’re working to get back to everyone. We’ll also try and answer some of the questions on the science and the Green Neuro principles that we’ve been getting — that will be the next blog post.


The story has been in preparation for over a year. John Markoff, senior science writer for the NYT, has been researching the lab since the fall of 2013. He started by visiting our San Diego lab and then, last spring, tracked us down at Menlo Park while we were doing an experimental run at Beamline 2-3 at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource. We weren’t sure how Markoff would get across that we’re integrating factors ranging from the basic science of the elemental and structural foundations of the brain, to environmental and social justice concerns. Would he be able to convey that we are using techniques as seemingly disparate as embodied neural network modeling, synchrotron imaging, EEG analysis and art? Would he appreciate that all of this research points to critical questions like autonomy and spurious definitions of normalcy? Well, in the end he understood it all and got it across. Thank you John Markoff for taking the time to so carefully look into and understand our research and aims.

Also thanks to NYT photographer Emily Berl who spent an afternoon at the lab taking pictures of our meeting and research.


A big thanks also to all our students, collaborators and supporters that make this lab possible!

If you’re interested in our lab and green neuroscience, please consider signing up to our newsletter for updates (send request to info@greenneuro.org with subject line “gn newsletter”).

If you agree with us that there must be better ways to do neuroscience and would like to help find that path please consider sharing the story and donating to the lab.

Elan and Ann

Green Neuro Year Two Event (Oct. 11, 2014)

Green Neuro Year Two Event Poster (Small)

Dear Friends:
You are hereby cordially invited to:
Green Neuroscience Laboratory’s Year Two Event
7pm, Saturday, October 11, 2014
Green Neuroscience Laboratory
4685 Convoy St., Suite 210 (2nd Floor)
San Diego, CA 92111
Join us in celebrating 2 years of green neuroscience research
& help kick off our crowdfunding campaign


Program (loosely defined):

7:00 – 7:30 PM      Vegetarian tacos and refreshments

7:30 – 8:00 PM      Green Neuro State of the Union Address:

Evolving, expanding & adding complexity!

8:00 – Onward      Live Music, magic, activities and gab


* Music performances by: Trumpet Winsock, Churro Cientifico…
& BYO musical instruments, pots, pans and just jam!
* Mind Magic by: Paradox Center and Interval Magic *
* Xtreme Green Piñata *

* All free minds, friends and family welcome *
* No age discrimination – That’s right kids, you can bring your parents *
* Come and find out what green neuroscience is all about *

RSVP @ (858) 539-5012 / event@greenneuro.org
or just drop by.

* Support & contributions welcomed at:

See You There!

GN Welcomes our 1st Philosopher-In-Res: Dr. Iris Oved (Oct 3, 2014)

A very warm welcome Dr. Iris Oved as she joines Green Neuro lab as our first philosopher-in-residence. Dr. Oved is founder and executive director of the Paradox Center and one of our current collaborators. Dr. Oved Dr_Iris_Oved_BW_03brings expertise in philosophy of mind, cognitive science, psychology and artificial intelligence. We look forward to many magical mind-bending discussions as we work to further neuroscience and philosophy education programs together. Welcome to the space Iris!

GN Directors Speak at New Media Rights #Oneof1000 Event (Aug 21, 2014)

Drs. Ohayon and Lam were honored to speak at the New Media Rights celebration and share with other NMR supporters and collaborators the wonderful experience working with these attorneys (how often do you hear that?). For those unfamiliar with New Media Rights, they are a non-profit, independently funded program of the California Western School of Law. They provide legal service to help creators, researchers, and internet users share their visions and protect their right to have a voice in their discoveries and creations. On August 21, 2014 they celebrated hitting the 1,000 projects/cases helped mark!

Lam_Ohayon_at_NMR_1of1000_Event_01aGN is working with NMR to create how-to guides and publications for helping others establish new GN-like entities.

Much like the Green Neuroscience Laboratory, NMR relies on individual donations to carry out their amazing work. Check them out at newmediarights.org and donate today so they can help another 1000 projects realize their ideas.

Announcing the GN Tooker Greenspiration NeuroScholar Award. Happy BDay Tooker! (Aug 12, 2014)

The Green Neuroscience Lab’s Tooker Greenspiration NeuroScholar Award (TGNSA) is our first scholarship. To our knowledge, this open and green neuroscience award is first of its kind anywhere.

The award is meant to recognize, commemorate, and extend Tooker Gomberg‘s Tooker_Gomberg_Greenspiration_01foundational work in environmental activism and making the world a better, greener, kinder place. It is also meant to forward Angela Bischoff‘s continued work on issues of mental health, sustainable activism, and the dangers of big-pharma and anti-depressant drugs.

Specifically, the award has been created to:

  1. Support a scholar in forwarding green neuroscience research.
  2. Serve as an annual remembrance, recognition and honoring of Tooker’s activism.
  3. Extend Tooker’s, Angela’s and Greenspiration’s work on the environment and health into the sciences.
  4. Continue Angela’s research into the dangers of pharmaceuticals and search for safe alternatives.

The inaugural award goes to Alisa Muñoz who is studying the potential application of EEG Alisa Munoz: Inaugural GN Tooker Greenspiration Neuro Scholarand neurofeedback in its ability to modulate affect and the ethical implications of such work and application.

To support this scholarship or our EEG project, please check out our “Contribute page”.

For more information on Tooker Gomberg please visit: greenspiration.org and read the bio to learn about his incredible life, contributions and loss.

Big thanks to Angela and Greenspiration for making this award possible. Tooker, we miss you and celebrate you!

GN Directors Co-Chair SAND XI at the Pasteur Institute, Paris (July 7-9, 2014)

The Green Neuro Laboratory proudly co-sponsored the 11th Annual Meeting of the Society for Autonomous Neurodynamics. Dr. Ohayon and Dr. Lam chaired the event together with Dr. Guillaume Dumas of the Human Genetics & Cognitive Function Lab, Institut Pasteur and Célya Gruson-Daniel of HackYourPhD.

Dr. Dumas live tweeted the meeting @introspection #SAND14. Talks by attendees from Canada, the US, the Netherlands, Poland, France, England, and Thailand sure kept things lively!

Thanks to Celya we also toured the biohacker space La Paillasse [http://lapaillasse.org/].

Founder Thomas Landrian kindly showed us the labs-in-development and we met a few of the denizens of the space and enjoyed tasty hors d’oeuvre. Merci La Paillasse!

Check out the DIYbio Code of Ethics http://lapaillasse.org/activite/code-ethique-diybio/


Congratulations Laura Frutos! (Mar. 3, 2013)

A big congratulations to Green Neuro’s Laura Frutos for winning a President’s Award and this year’s Student Research Symposium at San Diego State University for her presentation, “Is X-ray Fluorescence a Valid Measure in Examining Differences  in Metal Concentrations of Postmortem and Resected Tissue?”

Laura will go on to compete in the 27th Annual California State University Student Research Competition in May, 2013. Best of luck, Laura!