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Principles of Autonomous Neurodynamics 2016
Toronto, Canada, Aug 2-4, 2016

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Society for Autonomous NeuroDynamics (SAND)
SAND 2016
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⇑ Are there aspects of your research approach, findings or presentation that could apply to a Consciousness, Autonomy and Responsibility to Other session or theme? For example: How are autonomy and consciousness even connected? What are our responsibilities as conscious and autonomous individuals and researchers to other conscious beings? If so, please describe.
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⇑ The Institute for Green and Open Sciences, with the generous support of the Ontario Brain Institute and PCRM, is proud to announce a number of travel awards available to help speakers from Ontario, Canada and abroad attend the meeting. All participants are eligible but priority will be given to students, fellows and patient advocate participants. Distance and other circumstances, including any barriers to accessibility, will be considered.

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