At the Green Neuro Lab we’re interested in exploring the interaction of the brain with the world across scales ranging from the atomic to social systems. We like asking the deepest possible question and tackling the most intractable scientific problems.

The challenge is that we want to do all this while remaining environmentally responsible and maintaining the foundational green principles. The trick — and good news — is that greener science often leads directly to better science!

Our projects include inquiries into the elemental composition of the brain, neural architecture, systems dynamics, cognition and consciousness. We are interested in understanding how learning, development and evolution bring about complexity and autonomous interaction with the world. We want to know how the brain works in health, how the system breaks down in illness and how it might be helped without damage or restriction.

Our project methods include computational simulations, neuroanatomy, advanced imaging, non-invasive recording, embodied models, philosophy of mind, art and other techniques.

Ongoing Projects List: