Announcing the GN Tooker Greenspiration NeuroScholar Award. Happy BDay Tooker! (Aug 12, 2014)

The Green Neuroscience Lab’s Tooker Greenspiration NeuroScholar Award (TGNSA) is our first scholarship. To our knowledge, this open and green neuroscience award is first of its kind anywhere.

The award is meant to recognize, commemorate, and extend Tooker Gomberg‘s Tooker_Gomberg_Greenspiration_01foundational work in environmental activism and making the world a better, greener, kinder place. It is also meant to forward Angela Bischoff‘s continued work on issues of mental health, sustainable activism, and the dangers of big-pharma and anti-depressant drugs.

Specifically, the award has been created to:

  1. Support a scholar in forwarding green neuroscience research.
  2. Serve as an annual remembrance, recognition and honoring of Tooker’s activism.
  3. Extend Tooker’s, Angela’s and Greenspiration’s work on the environment and health into the sciences.
  4. Continue Angela’s research into the dangers of pharmaceuticals and search for safe alternatives.

The inaugural award goes to Alisa Muñoz who is studying the potential application of EEG Alisa Munoz: Inaugural GN Tooker Greenspiration Neuro Scholarand neurofeedback in its ability to modulate affect and the ethical implications of such work and application.

To support this scholarship or our EEG project, please check out our “Contribute page”.

For more information on Tooker Gomberg please visit: and read the bio to learn about his incredible life, contributions and loss.

Big thanks to Angela and Greenspiration for making this award possible. Tooker, we miss you and celebrate you!